Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Congratulations Bell!

Congratulations to Kian Bell on being one of the nominees for MVP & Forward of the Year for the 2nd year in a row! 👏
Bell’s 2nd season in the SJHL has been nothing short of as remarkable as his first! In his 22/23 season Bell played 51 games for 54 goals & 48 assists for 102 points finishing with an even 2.00 PPG/average. 🤩In the 23/24 season so far, he has played only 40 games for 36 goals & 57 assists for a current total of 93 points and a current PPG/average of 2.33!🤯 That’s a current SJHL career total of 90 goals, 105 assists for 195 points in only 90 games!! 👏
He is currently 1st overall & assists in the league, 3rd in game winning goals & goals, 3rd in powerplay points (33), Powerplay assists (26)!⭐
Congratulations Bellsy!!👏👏